For the 2019 season, we’ve refreshed the Rylard range so you can:

  • do more jobs with fewer products
  • have a greater choice of colours
  • save money on smaller packs for those little repair jobs


We introduce a completely new product!



The previous Rylard Raddle will be phased out and be replaced by ‘Rylard Raddle Sheen’, which has the following benefits:

  • Raddle Sheen is now available in 30 different shades! The previous Raddle was only available in 3 shades (grey, red oxide and green). Raddle Sheen is available in the same 3 shades, but also in the 27 colours that Rylard Plus Enamel is made in. So now you can match your shiny, gloss Rylard Plus Enamel areas with the same shade of the lower-gloss Raddle Sheen
  • Raddle Sheen has what we think is the ideal blend of traditional ‘flatness’, to cut down glare, together with the slightest of sheens, to aid dirt and water repellence (it has a very slightly higher sheen than the previous Raddle)

Rylard Raddle Sheen is available in a 1lt can size and is the same price as the previous Raddle


  Rylard Engine Bay Paint has now been replaced by Rylard Plus Enamel

  • The Benefit – you can now have the same level of protection, but choose any one of 27 shades, instead of just the traditional ‘grey’


 Rylard Bilge Paint has also been replaced by Rylard Raddle Sheen

  • The Benefit – your bilges can now be 30 different colours, instead of just ‘grey’ as well


 Rylard Holding Coat has also been replaced by Rylard Zinc Phosphate Primer

  • The Benefit – you get the same added protection for longer term primer exposure, but you no longer need a second product to do it, so you keep your costs down


 Smaller packs:

  • We’ve listened to our customers, who like smaller packs, so we’ve removed most of the 2.5lt can sizes (except for Plus Enamel, Undercoat and Water Tank Coating)
  • During 2019, Rylard Zinc Phosphate Primer and Rylard Primer/Filler will also be moving from 750ml to 500ml packs, to make those small touch-up jobs easier on the pocket


 Yacht and Boat Varnish (Eggshell and Gloss) – because people love our Rylard Yacht & Boat Varnish so much, we say ‘goodbye and happy retirement’ to our ‘Rylard PU Varnish’


The current range for 2019 therefore looks like this: