An alkyd zinc phosphate holding coat, for use on steelwork for canal boats and leisure craft where the primer is to be left exposed.┬áIt is used on newly built metal hulls where the primer is to be left for prolonged periods before top coating; e.g. during fitting-out. It provides additional anticorrosive protection during exposure and contains zinc phosphate anticorrosive pigmentation. From Spring 2019, this product has been replaced by Rylard Zinc Phosphate Primer – ongoing experience and laboratory testing have shown that at least equal performance can be achieved by simply using an extra coat of Rylard Zinc Phosphate Primer, in place of Holding Coat. This means the same job can be done with one product, instead of two.┬áRylard Zinc Phosphate Primer is Grey, where Holding Coat was Red Oxide colour. If a Red Oxide topcoat is required for temporary protection, use Rylard Raddle Red Oxide.